Consumer Electronics Repair

TV & Projector Repair

We repair and maintain all TV and projector brands and types, including LCD, QLED, OLED, MICRO LED as well as LCD, DLP & Laser Projectors. Please also visit our calibration section to find out how you can improve your equipment’s performance.

Audio & Video Equipment

We service, restore, and repair all consumer electronic equipment. Please call us today for a repair estimate.

Car Electronics

We offer ECM, PCM, ECU & BCM repair and refurbishing. We also service analog and digital dashboard controllers and cluster gauges.

Classic Electronics, Pinball Machines & Arcade Games

Classic Audio and Video equipment such as turntables, amplifiers, and tape decks can be restored to manufacturer specifications. We also restore classic arcade games to perfect condition. 

Commercial Repairs

Equipment breakdowns have a negative effect on your financial results. The associated downtime could be costly with respect to product losses and can cause serious business interruptions. This is why we strive to provide fast service to help you minimize the impact that such events have on your business.

Audio, Video & Display Equipment

We service and maintain:
-Public Address, Broadcast and Sound Systems
-Data, Audio & Video Conferencing equipment
-Digital Signalling and Information Displays
-All other commercial audio and video equipment

Industrial Equipment

-Power supplies and accessories
-AC Inverters, DC Drives & Motor Speed Controllers
-Control Boards & General Modules And PCBs
-Lift & Elevator Control PCBs
-Industrial Automation Controls & other equipment
-Servo/Motor Drivers
-Controllers, ECG/ECK, Spindle and Temperature equipment
-AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC Drives

Brands We Work With