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Home Theatre & Media Room Systems - Design, Install, Setup and Service

We can build, maintain and service systems ranging from your living room setup to full dedicated home theatre spaces. We work to find the best equipment that will fit your needs, as well as provide training and support which will allow you to enjoy your new system in no time.

5 Steps To Build Your Dream Home Theatre Or Media Room

In order to achieve your goals, we follow a simple five step process:

1. We meet with you to understand your expectations and match them with the best solution possible.
2. Be it a full house system, or a single room, we take the time to design the best system possible to meet your needs and budget.
3. We pick out the best electronic equipment that is easy to use, meets your needs and comes in on budget.
4. We wire and install all the equipment, taking the time to ensure setup and calibration is professionally done.
5. We keep in touch to provide support, proper maintenance and re-calibration when needed.

Services Provided

Project Design

We can design state of the art elegance for unique custom Home Theatres, Media Rooms, specialized Game Rooms and much more. “Your Dream is our Passion”. 

A well-designed home theatre system elevates your experience to levels beyond what many think possible. Every home theatre design is based on numerous variables ranging from layout and space design, to the seamless integration of speakers, components, and wiring into the room. Nothing is left to chance. 

An overlooked benefit of a custom installation is the quality, look, and feel of the home theatre space. Using a room designed for audio/video enjoyment is an experience for both enthusiasts and casual watchers. Quality seating and amazing audio-visual quality are combined with overlooked details such as specialized insulation and correct speaker placement. The result is a home theatre experience that is attractive as it is functional. 

Don’t trust your custom home theatre installation to an amateur. Specialized expertise is a must and considering B-TRONICS is an important step towards realizing the home theatre you have always wanted. 

Low Voltage Wiring

“Low Voltage Wiring” is critical to the success of your automated home of today and that of the future. Wiring that meets basic requirements today is not capable of handling what the new and emerging technologies have to offer. With the advent of 4K, 8K, HDR, and digital data transmitted over optical cables, you need to be better prepared.

Dolby Atmos

It is, therefore, critical to employ the services of a company that uses an adequate low voltage technology to ensure an infrastructure suitable for the future.

Custom Home Theatre And Media Room

A home theatre is a high-quality audio and video entertainment centre that creates the movie theatre experience right in your own home. A home theatre can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish it to be and can be installed in a specially designed and equipped “theatre”, or simply in a den or a living room space.

In fact, all of the comforts of old-time movie houses and luxury screening rooms are available for home theatre today with the added benefit of modern technology. We specialize in designing such systems and we recommend the best equipment that satisfies various pricing levels. No system is too big or small! Once installed, we also make sure that everyone in your house knows how to use the system to its greatest potential.

Multi Room Audio & Video

A multi-room audio and video system is a vital component of a true Electronic Lifestyle living. Multi-room sound will fill your home, while the speakers virtually disappear. The system enables you to select and enjoy the music or video of your choice no matter where you are in your home. In fact, we can install keypads or touch screens throughout your home allowing you operate any electrical function from any location. 

We will collaborate with your builder and/ or interior designer to ensure perfect placement and absolutely top quality sound. So much can be achieved today with multi-room AV and we encourage you to contact us, and discuss all the options available. 


With a simple tap, touch, or drag on your phone, tablet, or keypad, you will have the ability to control the audio-video equipment, the lighting and shades, the climate throughout the house, as well as anything else that you can think of.


A correctly calibrated TV will likely look more pleasing to the eye and, depending on its light output after the calibration, may draw less power and last longer. The calibration process produces a better picture than the default settings while the image looks more “natural.”

An acoustically treated room makes it easier to emotionally connect with your music, or immerse into the movie world! You will experience a new level of depth and clarity, letting you hear crisp details and the full dynamic range in high fidelity.

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